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About Us

About Us

Blitz Technologies is a pioneer of flexible, innovative, specialises in IT Consultancy and Support for Small to Medium Enterprises and private users We have been proactively supporting clients since 2007. Offering a vast range of services we are able to cater for all of our clients' needs. We support a wide range of clients based all over United Kingdom. Our Expertise lies in Microsoft, Linux and Citrix Server technologies. Our technicians provide Microsoft network support on all Windows platforms from including Microsoft Exchange. This enables us to create bespoke solutions with increased flexibility.

Blitz Technologies centres itself on four key values: affordable services; exploiting technical innovation; offering excellent customer Services with prompt 24/7 technical support.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to efficiently combine technology and innovation, affording better business communications. We understand that no two customer requirements are the same and we respect the individuality of each business we work with. As an independent provider we work with the best wholesalers in the telecoms and IT industries. This allows us to offer solutions that are unique and tailored to the individual needs of each client, taking into account all your business needs both current and for the future.

Services we offer

We have a Tech Support team that can handle any technical or systems administration snags that you might hit. Whether it’s: desktop or workstation setup and tech support; network design, deployment or maintenance tech support; server design, maintenance and monitoring tech support; an operating system problem with Windows, Mac OS-X, or Linux; or for that matter, any other issue that comes your way - we have a support team waiting to assist you. When things don’t work your way you can get frustrated and pick on the machine - or you can pick up the phone and give our tech support team a call. We can help you smooth out your finicky, outdated or just misunderstood computers, systems or programs. You can even call us our IT Consultants, if it will make you feel any better. But the bottom line is that no matter what you want to call us, our tech support team is going to get things running smooth for you so you can forget the frustrations and move on with productivity.


Services include the design and development of Internet Strategy solutions that help integrate clients internet initiatives with its broader corporate strategies and business practices, electronic commerce solutions that enable a company attract new customers, and sell goods and services over a website, business partner solutions, or extranets, that allow companies to share information and communicate efficiently with one another, internal information solutions, or intranets, that improve company’s ability to capture, store and distribute helpful information to its employees, and new business ventures exclusively for internet.